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Breast Reduction Consultations

At your consultation appointment for breast reduction at our Greystone Cosmetic Center location in Birmingham, Alabama, we will carefully examine your breasts, review your medical history and thoroughly discuss your physical symptoms and your aesthetic goals.

First you will meet Dr. Hedden or Dr. Gunn, who will assess the condition of your breasts and skin. Your surgeon will take measurements and note the size, shape and amount of sagging. Preoperative photos may be taken to assist us in the planning, execution and follow-up of your procedure.

Together we will explore your goals for breast reduction and discuss the possibilities based on our years of experience with breast reduction and other breast surgeries.

Breast reduction with plastic surgeons Dr. William Hedden and Dr. Stephen Gunn in Birmingham is aimed at taking the weight off of your shoulders with a smaller, more convenient breast size. If you are suffering from pain and discomfort or are self-conscious about breasts that are too heavy and out of proportion to the rest of your body, please contact our Alabama plastic surgeons today to schedule your consultation.

Breast Reduction Birmingham, Alabama

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