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Breast Reduction Surgery

During breast reduction surgery, excess skin and tissue are removed to reduce breast volume. The breasts are then lifted and reshaped to give them a tighter, shapelier appearance. Depending on the procedure, the areola may also be reduced in size.

Areola Incision

Keyhole Incision

Anchor Shaped Incision

Surgical Techniques

Breast reduction surgery is performed using one of three main types of incisions:

  • Around the areolas.
  • A "keyhole" incision around the areolas extending down to the breast crease.
  • An anchor-shaped incision around the areolas, extending down to and along the breast crease.

After the incision is made, excess skin, fat and glandular tissue are removed by Dr. Hedden or Dr. Gunn. The areolas are repositioned to a higher position and may be reduced in size, although they remain connected to the underlying nerves and blood supply. The breasts are then lifted, shaped and the incisions are closed.

Breast reduction is performed using general anesthesia to put you to sleep throughout the procedure. The length of the surgery varies depending on the technique that is used, but usually lasts from 2 to 4 hours.

Birmingham, Alabama Outpatient Surgery Suite

Breast reduction and other breast surgeries, including breast augmentation and breast lift, are performed at our Outpatient Surgery Suite at Greystone Cosmetic Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Staffed with our caring team of professionals and featuring the best available surgical and monitoring equipment, our fully accredited facility is designed to ensure your total safety, care, comfort and privacy.

Breast Reduction Birmingham, Alabama

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